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Interior design style quiz: Channel your inner bohemian or let your hidden Art Deco side out to play!

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Are you Shabby Chic or Modern Classical? Don’t know? Don’t worry! We can help you figure it out with our interior design style quiz.

With our 10 questions, you’ll be able to put a name to your dream home design style and answer that burning design question: “Am I more Joanna Gaines, Erin Napier, or Bobby Berk?” With some home design inspiration, you can get your home design project wheels going.

3 steps to decorating your home:

Now that you’ve got a clear idea of what your home design preferences are, thanks to our interior design quiz, here are our three crucial steps to ace DIY home decorating. You can make your home reflect your style while not spending a fortune.

Step #1: Know your design style.

Let’s face it — some home decor styles are easy to confuse with one another (hello, Modern and Contemporary!). So how do you make sure that the design you’re trying to imitate truly reflects your style?

Start with an interior design quiz.

Start with our What’s My Decorating Style? Quiz! It’s not like those high school math quizzes, we promise! It’s fully visual, thoughtful, and fun. You might be surprised — the style that you end up with (and truly suits you) might be slightly different from what you’ve imagined all along. It will also give you the necessary design vocab to narrow your search. When looking online for home decor pieces, you can type words like “industrial,” “coastal,” or “boho” to help you find the perfect fit for your home!

Take a good look at your space.

Once you’ve got your style down, your next step is to realistically appraise your space. Is a total revamp in the cards? Or do you just need some accessories here and there to showcase your style? Which areas of your home are working for you and which ones aren’t? Is it important for your home to have a lot of natural light? Or does artificial light suffice? And most importantly, does that giant baby blue shark statue you saw at your neighbor’s garage sale really emphasize the beachy cottage look you’re going for?

No matter your style, remember to stay flexible in your thinking, this isn’t a right or wrong situation. You need to be comfortable in your space, and if you are an entertainer, you want your guests to be wowed by your decorating chic, not put off by forced perfection or an over-designed, cluttered space.

Get inspired.

Now, we get to the fun part. Immerse yourself on Pinterest, stock up on home decor mags, and binge-watch some of the cool home design shows on TV.

See something you like when you’re visiting friends or traveling? Keep note of what inspires you: start a physical mood board by keeping space in your place to hang photos of what you like, fill up a scrapbook, or go virtual and start your own Pinterest board.

Step #2: Choose, consider, curate.

First, choose style elements and accessories that you see yourself (and your family) using and enjoying in the long run. As much as we would like our space to epitomize our style, practicality and functionality still make a liveable, comfortable home.

Second, consider lighting, measurements, etc. It’s easy to shop for anything and everything that embodies your style. But the thing is, not all of those items were made to fit your home. Consider the amount of light your space gets at all times of day, and choose paint colors and lighting that can brighten your space. Take notes about the dimensions of your room to make sure that you find furniture that fits.

Lastly, curate your home’s new style by only bringing in things that make you happy. To make a truly standout space, take it easy on the accessorizing. Just because it’s available and matches your theme doesn’t mean you should use it. (Think baby blue shark from earlier!)

Step #3: Work within your budget.

For some, the high of visualizing their dream home design wears off as soon as the talk of a budget comes up. But working within your budget shouldn’t be met with dread and shouldn’t stifle your creative potential. Here’s how you can stick to your budget without sacrificing your dream home decor:

Reuse items that you already have.

You might already have what you need. Categorize each item you currently own and identify if it still serves its purpose and the style you’re going for. Do you have items that have an entirely different aesthetic than you’re going for? Organize a garage sale for extra funds or donate them to your nearest charity.

Dive into a garage sale, estate sale, or a secondhand store.

Somebody else’s unwanted items could be your treasure. You can find nearly every design style — both old and new. Consider checking out “box lots” at an estate sale … often, many decorating items (and sometimes, real treasures!) are lumped in one box to make the sale go faster.

Focus on mixing rather than matching.

Purchasing big-ticket items in one go, like a furniture set, might sound like a way to get everything you need at once. But it could end up draining your budget faster and restrict your ability to truly personalize your space. To design like an actual pro, don’t be afraid to mix and match your elements — especially your furniture. Keep one focal point and add in complementing accessories.

Try your hand at DIY-ing your home pieces.

Interior design styles like Shabby Chic and Industrial, among others, feature lived-in pieces which are easy to replicate with some patience and elbow grease. With DIY, you get to unleash your creativity and create design pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Frequently asked questions


How do I choose my decorating style?


Start by taking MYMOVE’s What’s My Decorating Style? Quiz to determine the style that truly represents you and your personality. A home interior design quiz makes it so much easier by creating the foundation for any redesigning project. Give it a go!


What are the different home decor styles?


There are tons of design styles out there, but here are some of the trendy styles for 2022:

  • Art Deco
  • Farmhouse
  • Contemporary
  • Shabby Chic
  • Eclectic
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Industrial
  • French Country
  • Modern
  • Bohemian
  • Minimalist
  • Scandinavian
  • Coastal

What are the 2022 decorating trends?


These are some of the most popular trends we see for 2022:

  • Mixing vintage with new. Feel free to hit those estate sales!
  • White kitchens. Always timeless, but mix it up with some two-tone cabinets for a kick!
  • Curved furniture. Don’t be afraid to show your softer, rounder side.
  • Warm neutrals. Think earthy tones, warm skies and muted greens.
  • So long, Shiplap. Hello, classic Wainscotting.

How do I make my house beautiful on a budget?


Budget, budget, budget … by reusing items your own items, or if you really need to buy something, check out garage sales or secondhand stores. Purchase items slowly, rather than making one big purchase. Don’t forget, DIY-ing is a great way to create one-of-a-kind accessories while keeping your wallet from screaming.


How do I show my personality through my design style?


Mix and match your design elements to allow your personality to shine through. Take one interesting piece and make it the focal point of a room and design around the item to create a cohesive and fun look.

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